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4DDiG 7.8


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4DDiG is a small program that assures you and me that everything will not be lost if the required file or folder is deleted, deleted or destroyed. Before you have a good recovery app, of course you say that now there is such a trolley and a small trolley and you are right, but here you will find a sleek user-friendly interface with an intuitive menu, it will greatly simplify our lives when it comes to file recovery.

After booting, the first step is to select the entire hard drive, partition, external disks, or primary folders. IVCam Torrent
Keep in mind that this software does not always give the best results, but it is enough for most users. Once you have scanned the desired area, we will see the structure of the folders, you just need to dig out, maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Developer: Tenorshare

License: ShareWare

Language English

Size: 16 MB

Operating system: Windows 7+

How to install:

1). Instructions will be added as needed.

2). That’s all, Done…
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4DDiG 7.8

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