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Boom 3D 1

Boom 3D is a new professional audio app that provides rich, rich sound with 3D surround sound that makes all headphones sound better. This premium version features handcrafted EQ settings, advanced sound effects, and an adjusted velocity intensity slider that gives users complete control to adjust the sound to their liking.

Magical 3D surround sound

The main feature of Boom 3D is the patent pending 3D surround sound that provides the most realistic and influential listening experience in all headphones. Raise or lower the base to obtain the desired level of the base with this beautifully designed rocker.

31-band EQ and presets

You can use the equalizer to adjust the sound with just your finger and save them as custom presets. The presets are carefully designed for different music genres, so you can easily choose the sound according to your mood.

Operate the device

You can manage your active devices. You can register and log out of the devices yourself by opening and logging in to your Boom account.

Intensity control

The intensity control offers complete control over the audio output and allows you to adjust the bass and treble. Lower it or pull it down until you find its optimal level.

Fantastic sound effects

– Ambience Fidelity Night Mode Spatial

– Stay alive and feel the music around you with the environment. Instagram x64 x86 installer torrent download

– Be here, there and everywhere with Fidelity

– Optimize listening volume for the night with night mode

– Be in the middle of the sound with Spatial

Select headset type

Choose the type of headphones for Boom 3D to deliver the best-sounding output..

Boom 3D 1

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