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Emurasoft EmEditor Professional v22

EmEditor Text Editor is a lightweight, extensible and easy to use text editor for Windows. EmEditor is highly customizable and supports Unicode and powerful macros. EmEditor now supports very large files: up to 248 GB or 1 billion lines! There are many new features in the pro version, including a large file manager, vertical selection editing, binary editing, optimized search and replace, a better project plugin, and more. EmEditor can now open even more than 248 GB when opening part of the file with a new custom bar: Large File Manager. The Large File Manager allows you to specify the start point, end point, and range of the file you want to open. It also allows you to stop opening files and control the actual size of the file and the size of the available temporary disk.

Within EmEditor, you can write a macro for just about anything you want! Not only can you define a macro that records the keystrokes you use and reference it repeatedly, but you can also write your own macros that can manipulate other applications, Windows-based files, or network functions. Macros are based on Windows Scripting Host (WSH), so you can use all the powerful and robust features available in Windows Scripting Host. You can program macros with popular scripting languages, including JavaScript and VBScript. You can even program with PerlScript, Python, PHPScript, Ruby, and other ActiveScript languages ​​as long as the scripting engines you want to use are installed on your system. However, EmEditor hardly loses weight when it comes to using macros. EmEditor macros are modules designed independently of the EmEditor executable and are implemented as Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files. To conserve system resources, the DLL is only loaded during the execution of the macro.

Unicode support is essential for anyone who uses international languages. Many text editors claim to support Unicode (UTF-7, UTF-8, and UTF-16), however, they only internally convert Unicode to the system (or ANSI) encoding when opening files, so they cannot refer to characters that they are not actually supported by the coding system. For example, many text editors cannot edit Shift-JIS (Japanese) encoding in English Windows. Most text editors can’t even open Unicode file names. EmEditor supports Unicode natively, and in fact the entire program is built as a Unicode application. EmEditor allows you to open a file with any encoding supported by Windows, and you can easily convert from one encoding to another within EmEditor. EmEditor allows you to open Unicode file names and allows you to search for Unicode characters. Since EmEditor supports Unicode characters even outside of the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP), it can display CJK Extension B characters as long as a compatible font is available on the system. With EmEditor plugins, EmEditor allows you to convert selected text to HTML/XML character addresses or generic character names, and vice versa.


– Large file manager

– Edit vertical selection

– binary edition

-Optimized search and reset

– Best plugin for projects.

– The function bar can now be displayed

-The speed is optimized when each line is very long

– Tags can be modified (CR, LF, Tab, Space, EOF) (Label Modifier Tools)

– Extended katakana support available

– Auto scroll by clicking the mouse wheel

– Online guides can be displayed (Tag Configuration Properties Show Online Guides)

– Right click on line numbers or on the left side of the window to move the cursor to the beginning of that line

– Tag format can be specified with regular expressions (modify tag format Edit)

– Drag and drop editing can be disabled (Modify editing Enable drag and drop text)

– It is possible to specify temporary folders (Modify system temporary folder for advanced use)

– The keyboard map window can be sorted by clicking each column

– INI files can be imported into the registry (Import and Export Wizard Importing Custom INI Files into the Registry)

– The Copy command now copies the entire current line when no text is selected. The old behavior can also be selected using the Select Copy command

– The Cut command now cuts the entire current line when no text is selected. The old behavior can also be selected using the Cut Selection command

– A new dialog appears when there are invalid characters in the file to be opened

– A new dialog appears when the document contains characters that will be lost if saved with the selected save encoding

– File search results can be redirected to the exit bar (file search uses an exit bar)

– New Skip Next and Skip Previous commands can be used to jump between results in the output bar

– Mouse wheel with CTRL increases or decreases the font size

– Right click mouse wheel moves to next or previous document


The following plugins are installed by default with EmEditor Professional.

* Attached project

* Add-on spikes

* HTMLBar plugin

* Differential complement

* Explorer plugin

* FindBar plugin

* Plugin for open documents

* Schema plugin

* Search plugin

* Web browsing plugin

* Full Word plugin

* Word count plugin

Emurasoft EmEditor Professional v22

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