Valentina Studio Pro 11.5.2 Windows Crack torrent

Valentina Studio Pro 11.5.2 Windows + Crack

Valentina Studio is the best way to turn data into meaningful information; create, manage, search and explore MySQL, Postgre MariaDB, MS SQL Server and SQLite databases. Valentina Studio Pro offers benefits at a glance

Report designer:

-Visual design tools turn queries into reports; live view

-Toolbox controls, html, barcodes, graphs, graphs and much more

– Subreports, regions, groups

-Easy to add macros, expressions

-Print to all standard paper sizes, configure margins, margins, maximum records per page

-Implementation of report designs for Valentina Reports ADK application

– Deploy report projects to Valentina’s server

advanced engineering:

-Visual Diagram Editor generates new databases

– Toolbox controls, labels, comments, procedures, tables, views

– Generating scripts, copying scripts to the application code

-Easy visual navigation of very large diagrams

Continuous database integration:

-Create | Save | Load database schema snapshots in structured format

-Register | commitment | Increase database source control with any VCS

-Generate migration scripts

Form editor:

– Drag and create controls, widget layouts to create forms visually

– Include and write custom methods in JavaScript

-Forms work with any supported data source such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite and ValentinaDB

-Upload forms to Valentina Projects on the Valentina server

– Deploy forms with the free Valentina Studio on Windows, macOS and Linux

Query builder:

– Create SQL queries in a few clicks and without writing any code

-Edit created queries in the Data Editor and save them to the snippet library

-Copy SQL queries for use in any application


-See all the details of differences in tables, links and more

-Generating scripts to run to modify databases

Data transfer:

-Copy records between two different databases

– Specify the mapping of source/destination tables and fields

-Save the details and watch the transfer and result

Valentina Studio Pro 11.5.2 Windows + Crack

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