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Looking for versatile and powerful video cutting and editing software? Computer power is especially important when it comes to video editing. This is VideoProc – it wants to get the most out of your PC’s performance and supports hardware acceleration from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

This acceleration support significantly relieves the computer’s main processor, and the graphics card takes over the computational tasks related to video processing directly. If you have a powerful one, it’s generally great. This ensures particularly fast and smooth video processing in this application.

Otherwise, the software offers all the important features you would expect from a video editing software. You can convert, resize, crop, rotate, merge and add subtitles to video and audio files. You are offered to download VideoProc Converter for free, no key is needed to activate the program, there is a piece in the archive that will perform all the manipulations as quickly and accurately as possible. By the way, the app supports 4K UHD videos and can add a watermark.

The product also has other useful features for filming with GoPro or ActionCam. Stabilizes shaky videos and removes the fish-eye effect. You can also use software to reduce wind noise and extract individual frames from your videos and save them to your hard drive in PNG or JPEG format.

All in all, you have a powerful, all-in-one software that can handle all your upcoming video editing and processing tasks with ease. In particular, the integrated hardware acceleration sets the software apart from the competition and ensures fast and error-free operation.

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VideoProc Converter 4

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