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AquaSoft Stages 14

AquaSoft Stages is a tool for professionals, photographers, animators and ambitious advanced users who expect maximum functionality and precise control over every moment of their project from their software.

Keyframes, unlimited timeline tracks, and a wide variety of effects and transitions are designed to give your photos, videos, and animations a professional look. Additional features such as customizable aspect ratios, customizable live effect dynamics, and new advanced preview modes give you complete and precise control over your projects. AquaSoft Stages is the solution for your demanding requirements – your tool for creating animated presentations.

You have the right tools at your fingertips

Behind every picture there is a story, a message that you want to convey to your audience in an impressive way. Develop your idea, build the foundations of your film and achieve your goal with AquaSoft Stages.

key frames

Unleash your inner controller! Effects, sound, images/videos, and animations are displayed in separate keyframes on the timeline. This gives you instant control over how you want every element of your movie to move, sound or look.

live preview

Whenever you change your project, add motion, particles or other effects, the result is immediately visible in the layout designer.

That way you can see how each effect has changed your project/images without having to keep repeating.

360 degree rotation

Stages lets you rotate images, videos, and titles 360 degrees. This works especially well in combination with animated camera pans and for creating Prezi-style shows or interspersed titles to make your videos stand out from the crowd.

Sound synchronization

With tools like the playhead and timeline markers, you can easily synchronize audio with images. The playhead gives you a frame-by-frame view of images and video, while timeline markers let you mark changes in audio, leading to a crescendo at just the right moment.

Deep and complex animations

You are the playwright, screenwriter and director of your film project. You pay attention to detail and accuracy is important. Sound and image should flow into each other so that only your film is in focus. With AquaSoft Stages you can realize your vision.

? Unlimited number of titles

Combine as many videos, photos, subtitles and sounds as you want. You can apply effects to each song.

? Dynamic masks

Hide image areas and change selected segments over time.

? More than a collage

Achieve a vivid interaction of all elements by precisely matching effects for your videos and images.

The most important functions

Choose from a variety of effects and templates or create your own animations. AquaSoft Stages has almost unlimited design possibilities for your presentations and films.

? video processing

Cut videos, images and sounds right on the timeline.

? Fast and slow motion

Create a slow motion video or slow motion movie.

? Particle system (snow, rain, dust)

Create impressive particle animations with dynamic parameters.

? ways of moving

Animate any element and move it around the screen.

? Animated routes

Share your route with maps, tracks and vehicles in a few clicks.

? presentations

Manage your presentation automatically or with our remote app

?Rotated camera pan

Finally, with 360-degree rotation, you can zoom in just one step.

? Print in maximum quality

Export videos to DVD, Blu-ray, social networks or in 4K quality.

? Built-in effects

Use built-in templates and effects to work quickly.

Color image exception (color key)

Better known as “Green Screen”, in Stages you can replace solid photo and video backgrounds with virtual backgrounds, animated backgrounds or even take your subjects to an island in the sun. Just check the background color, remove it and add a background of your choice, be it another video or photo.

System requirements

– Operating systems: Windows 11 only, Windows 10 64-bit.

– Processor: a multi-core processor is recommended

– Video card: DirectX 9c, at least 1 GB of memory

– Memory: 4 GB

AquaSoft Stages 14

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