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IGI 2: Covert

Liberty FPS 2: Covert Strike is a first-person shooter with stealth mechanics reminiscent of the “play your way” style of gameplay. You play as elite agent David Jones, a one-man army trying to stop World War III in an action-packed campaign mode. You can choose how to use the environment to your advantage and take enemies by surprise or go for a blazing weapon. 2: Covert Strike plays like Call of Duty 2 or the old Medal of Honor in your own style of play. It would be foolish to assume that as a first person shooter you will be placed on a linear path towards the end of each mission. However, 2: Covert Strike breaks the mold by creating huge open maps to manage how you can initially fire weapons or take a stealth approach. The flaming gun approach can be interesting, but difficult to apply successfully, since the AI ​​is all about rapid fire at any range. Back knives result in a one-hit kill, encouraging unconscious flankers; this stealthy approach comes with a visibility indicator so you can see if you have huge open maps that allow you to take different paths, try other tactics and play the way you want. Likewise, despite being huge, the level design is intuitive enough that you can’t just skim through it mindlessly. The position of the bodyguards and signage create a feeling of tension as you carefully navigate each turn. Alarms quickly notify guards of your position, abduct and move you in the middle of a firefight, so being aware of their placement and avoidance or firing a silenced pistol will help keep you blissful, maps can often seem empty, whether it’s design or system choices. limits that we do not know, but this void can often break the immersion, when we wonder why there is a large room behind each shot where there is almost no atmosphere. First-person shooters don’t get enough credit for sound design, and 2: Covert Strike certainly deserves that kind of praise. This game does a great job of creating a thrilling and suspenseful atmosphere with great background music and soundtrack. Alarm sound effects, guards voicing their next moves or actions, every shot, and all kinds of environmental noises keep you focused on your survival. Background tracks keep you ready whether you’re wandering through the woods, hiding in AIAI moves and features that contribute to any shooter’s core experience. Too difficult, and the game turns to the slogan of unjust deaths. It’s too easy and there’s really no need to experiment with any options other than seeing a person shoot. As many users have expressed, artificial intelligence is both simple and incredibly complex. But how is this possible? 2 has one problem that most older shooters have and that is the bumpy AI curve. During the shootout, you will see that the intelligenceAI is incredibly accurate, hitting you with machine guns from an unfair distance, but if you’re around the corner, the AI ​​will randomly fall into your eyes one by one, like a chain of blind mouse dominoes. The same rules apply if you interact with the AI ​​outside of its visibility range; they will race against each other waiting to be picked, this doesn’t necessarily change the gameplay in a negative way, it creates a feeling of unfair moments where you are instantly killed when you fail to sneak into a close game from the menu. Other than that, the shooting controls often feel awkward, but that’s a common downside of FPS games during this time. 2: To Hit or Not to Hit? 2: Covert Strike looks like another regular shooter at first glance, and while some of the same basic concepts are incorporated into other similar games, players can expect a fun and challenging experience. Each playthrough can be modified using different approaches and it provides an enjoyable experience, even if you have a shorter campaign, you are a gamer enjoying a new first person shooter, we don’t understand why you won’t like it 2: Stealth Strike. Try it out and let us know what you think. This application is available on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 platforms.

IGI 2: Covert

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