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Monitor Global Financial MarketsTradingView is a premium trading utility that offers a free demo of its charting trading platform. Developed by TradingView Inc., this desktop tool is designed for cryptocurrency traders and investors who wish to monitor and gain insight into the state of global financial markets. It gives you more power, speed and flexibility, all in the familiar user interface you love. This powerful platform is able to present the historical and real-time state of the markets so that you can decide your trading and investment moves accordingly. Can TradingView be an excellent alternative to MetaTrader 5 Trading Is TradingView a good trading platform? The most loved feature of TradingView desktops is the multi-monitor support that gives traders an excellent view of trading and investment charts. With the desktop version of the app, you have the power to set up and take full advantage of the multi-monitor workspace, alleviating the interface limitations faced by traditional browsers. Here you will never lose sight of the charts as one click can instantly take you back to the trading menu. When it comes to creating dashboards, you are free to let your creativity run wild and arrange them according to your preferences. You can populate up to eight block diagrams per section and even customize the windows, data collection and presentation with over 8 million scripts and ideas available to fit large communities. A repeat option appears on charts that can create custom spreads based on mathematical formulas. It can also help you set custom timeframes and improve your skills in a wide variety of technicalanalyses. In addition, it is equipped with more than 50 intelligent charting tools and an effective volume profile indicator, which also includes a wide range of alerts so that you never miss important trading moves. Its screening capabilities are far behind industry-leading trackers like TradeIdeas.
Make smart trading and investing choices. TradingView is a trading program for Windows that is completely packed with features that will give you more options as a trader or investor. The multi-monitor support it offers greatly helps users to get the best view of the GUI. Customize the settings according to your wishes and customize the trading platform according to your convenience so that noticeable changes in the charts do not fall into your hands.


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