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IObit Uninstaller Pro 13

IObit Uninstaller is a very useful tool for completely uninstalling software. This software is provided by IObit for Windows OS users. Using the standard Windows Add/Remove tool to remove programs is not a good solution because Windows does not completely clean the traces of the desired program from the registry and other places in Windows, and this adds to the amount of useless data in the long run. . It works on the operating system. Redundant data also reduces Windows performance and efficiency. With this program you can completely remove programs. You can also remove unnecessary browser plug-ins. Some programs do not have an uninstaller, with this program it is also possible to remove this category of programs.

IObit Uninstaller prepares a restore point before installing each program so that changes can be rolled back if a system problem occurs. One of the important advantages of this program is the ability to exclude programs in groups. This way individual programs are not excluded, but they are all marked and excluded together. Another positive feature of this tool is the minimal display of windows for uninstalling programs. For example, when you select multiple programs. For some of them, no window is shown and they are silently deleted, some open a window that just continues with a next or confirmation of the delete operation. It will cause you to get a little conflict when uninstalling programs.

Features of IObit Uninstaller:

Nice and simple user interface

Complete removal of existing programs and traces

The ability to delete programs in a group.

The ability to remove unwanted browser toolbars or annoying extensions and plug-ins

cleaning at high speed

Prepare a restore point before starting the uninstall operation

Ability to uninstall programs without uninstaller

necessary system

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

IObit Uninstaller Pro 13

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